Unfortunately the Wiki-platform will be closed by end of July 2018 due to the need of additional investment to bring the infrastructure to an actual stand which can't be  afforded. Five years ago, when the project YESTERMORROW was started to be designed, Wikispace was a good option to share materials and knowledge. Nowadays it is outdated. Obvioulsy this is a problem in the digital world, tools are not lasting for a long time. 

There were two options to solve the problem.:

- using a new platform

- using a webseite to store all the materials produced


The Italian partners decided to upload all the material to a website after having discussed the fact with their National Agency:

And here the Wikispace:

Prezi Presentation of Stefano Tomassucci about Wikispace

An example: Mathematics

Different methods of calculations for the 4 basic methods (addition, subtraction, multiplication, division) without a calculator. The aim is to calculate fast and without mistakes.

You can add videos and other methods of explanation.


Additionally we will compare prices between the 6 involved countries and test at the same time the methods of calculation:


1 coffee in

the nearest restaurant to the school

1 kilo sugar

1 kilo flour

1 liter milk

1 Kilo bread

1 kilo apples

1 kilo rice

1 kilo spaghetti

1 liter fuel

1 liter gazoline

1 Big Mac (Mc Donalds)

1 kilo tomatoes

1 cinema ticket

1 ticket to a town 50 kilometers away from the school (public transport)


We will share our experiences and knowledge in Romania not with PowerPoint presentations but with direct interactions.


Excel document prices above

We compare food and other products
Prices and currencies Spain Sweden, Pola
Microsoft Excel Table 14.3 KB

Maths problems solved in groups in Romania

Math prices and currencies Problem No 1.
Adobe Acrobat Document 167.0 KB
Math, prices and currencies Problem No 2
Adobe Acrobat Document 164.4 KB
Math prices and currencies Problem No 3.
Adobe Acrobat Document 174.6 KB