Welcome to "Between yesterday and tomorrow"

Meeting in Ceuta April 19th - 25th (26th) 2016
Meeting in Ceuta April 19th - 25th (26th) 2016

Our two main Topics: "Trauma and School" and ICT-Competences

We face a world where more people are displaced than after World War II, where within Europe war is threatening people and in addition where child maltreatment occurs.  Therefore it's highly needed to enhance the knowledge about trauma especially on the field of education. That means we have to work on methods to improve mental health and resilience in a scolar environment too. This is an importnat aim of our project.


We have split our project in a strategic and a teaching level. The strategic level consists of the topic "trauma and school" and addresses teachers, heads of schools, social workers, that means experts in a pedacogical field.


On the strategic level, the title "YESTERMORROW" makes understandable that the past of our students has an impact on their future. With a present where the new knowledge how to meet with impaired students is applied we can increase their chances for a better 'tomorrow'. This knowledge is based on the new technology of functional brain imaging and neurobiological science. The integration of neurobiological science in the pedagogic daily life makes our project highly innovative and applicable to all schools.


"YESTERMORROW" on the teaching levels means including mainly the subject history (= yesterday) and the subject ICT, maths (=tomorrow) to enable our students to improve their basic and advanced skills. Integrating the gained knowledge about trauma in the didactic approach by teachers we will enhance better skills even with weak learners. The method of project based learning and peer-learning will help to adapt to the skills of all students and challenge good learners too. These outputs will be disseminated on Wiki platform linked to this website and will be accessible by everyone. The teaching experiences will give us interesting inputs about the efficiency of our methodology. That means that the horizontal strategic and teaching levels are vertically linked in both directions.

Photo in about 1900

This class counted more than 60 students. To take this photo they had to keep calm, the arms folded. Have a look at the faces, at their clothes, at their shoes.

Photo in 2014

This photo was taken when a group of students from Ceuta came  to Switzerland on the occasion of our last EU-Project visiting a chocolate factory. Not only the method of taking photos has changed within these 100 years.