1st Report  

Transnational Project Meeting in Stevenage 21st – 25th October 2015

Decisions made at the Meeting:

Transnational Project Meetings

We changed the last Transnational Project Meeting from Edinburgh to Italy, Rome, November 2017.



We agreed on dates for the meeting in Ceuta: 19th – 25th April 2016.

The hosts suggested that we should send the older students to the meeting.

All participants will stay at a hotel during the meeting.

The hosts agreed that we could send more than two students from each country if we can afford it.


Topics for the first year of the project

  • History, Time Witness Project – The periods we will study are the World War II and the following time.
  • We will transnationally use the WIKI platform during our work.
  • Mathematics – we will learn and start using the WIKI platform within each country as a first step, this year.
  • Each country will work with a project connected to Pythagora.
  • Trauma – We will start the work by reflecting on how each school is creating "a Safe Place" for its students, parents and staff.
Report 1st meeting, Stevenage
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