Evaluation Meeting in Stevenage

Evaluation 1st meeting in Stevenage   15 papers delivered, 15 answers

1. Were you involved in planning the whole project?    10 yes       5 no

2. Were you involved in planning the first meeting in Stevenage?    11 yes       4 no

3. Did you agree on meetings and dates?    15 yes       0 no

4. Did you agree on the design/the content/the use  of the website?    15 yes       0 no

In case of no, please explain why: -

5. Did you talk about safety procedures and insurance policy?  15 yes       0 no

6. Did the program meet your expectations? 15 yes       0 no

Please explain why:

- We all got to say what we thought

- suitable

- I like for the student to negotiate on the content

- efficiency

- Because it's suggestive and appropriate

- It was a clear and relevant program

- We discussed all the topics and planned the new year

- We made good decisions

- All the otems were discussed

- I got the answers to all the topics we would discuss on

7. Did you feel "safe" during the meeting? (safe = safe place, please see the PPT "safe place")    15 yes       0 no

Please explain why:

- I felt friendship among the new friends

- I felt safe because the partners were very friendly

- I felt safe just from the airport

- Comfortable and suitable place

- Everything was well organized

- well planned

I could express all my points of views

- Comfortable place

8. Did you enjoy the atmosphere during the meeting?  15 yes       0 no

Please explain why:

- Nice and professional people

- Participating members

- friendly

- nice and friendly

- Nice partners that are committed to the project

- Friendly

- The most of us know each other already

- It was a friendly atmosphere

- It was a cooperation atmosphere

- I understood the explications and our work

9. Did you enjoy the atmosphere during the spare time? 15 yes       0 no

Please explain why:

- We spent a lot of time with the new friends

- It was great spending time with partners

- I felt excellent with my new friends

- We spent a good time together

- Nice and friendly people

- Nice arrangements

- friendly

- We shared good laughs

10. Are you aware of the future work and tasks for the project?  14 yes  0 no  1 maybe!!!:-)

11. Is there something you would tell the coordinator? Please do it!

- Keep up the good work!!

- Thanks a lot for everything!

- Dear coordinator, it was great to see you again! I missed the meetings in the last year and I am happy to start the new project!

- Excellent work!

- Well done, Cessi and Anna-Karin and the whole team!

- Everything was excellent!

- We would like to be informed in time about our tasks! Congratulations for planning this meeting!

- To be the same also in the future