8th November 2017 (Wednesday)

Arrival of all partners.


9th November 2017 (Thursday)

Official Meeting in Rome at the School Ipsia Cattaeneo 

This meeting day is dedicated to the strategical level of the project, the topic trauma and  the subjects linked to it.

The school of our Italian partners is situated in the center of Rome.

Every Delegation is lead by a students of Ipsia Cattaneo speaking the language of the Delegation. This is to raise awareness that there mother tongue which is very often not the Italian language is a skill too. Students should ne aware that ultilingual skills are useful.

They lead the teachers with a lot of dedication. Tasks like that empower students and raise their self-esteem.

Obviously there is a good atmosphere in the classrooms. That helps that the School is a sage place. Personal relationships among students and teachers especially help traumatised students to feel comfortable and to base on their ressources.

10th November 2017 (Friday)

Working day at school. In the meeting we focuse on Wikispace.


Wikispace is quite a difficult tool. We try to get familiar with it to use it.

Apart of Wikispace we make an interview with Marzia Zabbatino and Agnieszka Koterbicka. Marzia's uncle was a prisoner of war in the concentration camp in Przemysl and Agniezska Comes from Przemysl. Marzia talked about her memories of her uncle and Agnieszka what she and her students found out about this camp. There was a mistery for decades in Przemysl, nobody talked about this concentration camp installed by the Nazis.

11th November 2017 (Saturday)

Visit to the non-catholic cemetery in Rome where people are buried who weren't catholic.

This Special cemetery is a safe place.

The Swedish delegation, Cecilia and Anna-Karin discovered tha grave of a Family from Leksand. Cecilia even remembered the man. In his house there is a Museum to see how he lived. It is possible that we will visit it. What a coincidence again! 

It is the house of Malcolm Grane Munthe. we will see perhaps in April 2018.

12th November 2017 (Sunday)

Trip back home

Program 5th meeting in Rome
Rome 8-12 November 2017.pdf
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