Our Partnership YESTERMORROW is built mainly with partners with whom we have already carried out project activities successfully.  (See the website of our previous project: 


All the participating schools are dealing with very challenging circumstances, all the schools have numerous learners with disadvantaged backgrounds, facing the danger of social exclusion and early school leaving. During the last project (, the topics of resilience, good practices to face impacts of trauma in the daily school life were already identified as important for all partners. A brochure about trauma and school was written by two partner schools and disseminated among all partners. It turned out that all partners have their special knowledge, competences and sensitivity to the topic. Therefore, we came along to choose "trauma and school" as the main topic to head together to new solutions and good practices dealing with afflicted and even traumatised students.


The longer term benefits for the schools and countries involved as well as Europe as a whole are evident. Our outputs will help integrating children with learning difficulties, with emotional behavioural and social difficulties. That means that the pedagogical skills of the involved teachers must be raised and the often tabooed topic "trauma" and "traumatised children" have to be priorised. Our outputs help to do this in an efficient and effective way.