Dissemination in Sweden

Speeches about trauma and its impact on daily school life

The topic trauma is introduced with several speeches in front of teachers and social workers in the schools of Leksand, the book "Lily, Ben och Omid" was distributed, as well as the brochure "Trauma and School".

Presentation April 20th 208 Leksand
Yestermorrow presentation March 2018 Lek
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Handout Presentation Apri 20th Leksand
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March 13th 2018 a speech took place about trauma and its impact on daily school life. Marianne Herzog, expert in the project presented for all teachers from Leksand and from associated schools, what a trauma means and how we can face it on the field of pedagogy. There were many, many positive feed backs collected by the team who organised the meeting: "Lots of teachers came to tell me today what a great lecture it was yesterday. They are all very grateful." - "I just read some feed backs from yesterday. There are many positive responses. One was: 'The best lecture in years!'"

All the teachers got the brochure "Trauma and School"  and the picture book "Lily, Ben and Omid", both in Swedish.

Launch of the Swedish Edition of Lily, Ben and Omid in February 2017

Launch of the Swedish version of "LIly, Ben and Omid"
Launch of the Swedish version of "LIly, Ben and Omid"

Reading a book with students about the shoa

At Sammilsdalskolan, Leksand, they read the novel “The Boy In the Striped Pyjamas” by John Boyne in year 9. The book takes place in Auschwitz, called Out-With in the book, and it is written from the perspective of Bruno, an 8-year-old boy.

The students read/listened to the book, they had discussions in smaller groups and together in class. The students wrote reading logs. One of the questions was where the main characters could find a Safe Place:

 An example written by a student:

 "Safe Place

Bruno: I think Bruno’s safe place is exploring and when he is with his new friend Shmuel. I also think he feels safe when he is talking to Maria because he can say what he thinks to her. I think his mother is his safe place too.

Shmuel: I think his safe place is his spot where he sits everyday to get away from the other boys when they are fighting and on his spot he gets space.

Gretel: I think that Gretel's safe place is her room and her dolls.

Parents: I think that Bruno’s father’s safe place is in his office and in his family. I think that Bruno’s mother´s safe place are their children, Gretel and Bruno."