Dissemination in Poland

Annual Conference for teachers 2018

On the 5th June 2018 there was an annual conference in the Regional Centre of Teacher Development in Przemyśl. Its aim was to present the results of Erasmus+ Projects that are carried out in the region of Podkarpacie and to motivate and inspire teachers to apply for European projects. Our school ZSEiO used this opportunity to disseminate the results of YESTERMORROW. We talked about the problem of trauma, distributed the brochures, presented albums that had been created by the students and displayed pictures from project meetings.


Conference for teachers at ZSEIO about trauma

On the 24th April in our school there was a conference for the teachers. A part of it was devoted to the promotion of Erasmus+ project YESTERMORROW and especially presenting the brochure “Trauma and school”. The teachers were familiarised with the problem of trauma and examples how to make school a safe place. Each teacher received a copy of the brochure in Polish. At the end of the presentation there was a short discussion about how to put the theory into practice.

Exhibition after coming back from Sweden

April, 24th 2018 students and teachers from ZSEiO organised the "Open Days" where they talked about our 'Yestermorrow' project. Students who went to Sweden talked about the topics of the project: Trauma, Maths, and History. They showed photos, albums, photo books which were prepared for the visit in Leksand to younger students of other schools in Przemyśl. The way Konrad, Denis and Paweł talked about the project proves that it's worth to organise such meetings because students get to know the culture, customs and people from other countries. So hopefully another project will follow...

Little celebration to hand over the Swedish certificates of attendance

Historia metalowej "puszki" is published

The article about Marzia and her uncle was published on the 1st of March 2018 in a monthly magazine entitled 'Nasz Przemyśl'. It is a magazine that deals with historical topics so it's perfect for our project. Some additional facts about our project 'Yestermorrow' were included and a historian wrote a paragraph about the camp and they also added some photos of the camp and the monument. People reading it, say that it is an unbelieveable story which is absolutely unique.

"Lily, Ben and Omid" visited a Primary School in Przemyśl

Polish students from ZSEiO visited a Primary school 'Kamon' in Przemyśl, where they had a short conversation about "Yestermorrow" project and Workshops connected to the Picture book "Lily, Ben and Omid". They talked with children about a safe place, which factors make them feel safe, which places give them a feeling of safety. Kids made also some drawings where they could express themselves. At the end one student Dominik read the story of Lily, Ben and Omid which was an introduction to a short discussion about mental health problems.

A visit in a music school

Polish students went to a primary, music school in Przemyśl to talk about the Yestermorrow project. They discussed with children the topic of a safe place and things and values that give them a feeling of safety. Kids could also listen to a story of 'Lilly, Ben and Omid' which was read by Dominik. At the end the kids prepared drawings with the image of a safe place. We also left the book in an English

version which will be used during English classes as a storytelling resource. So, Yestermorrow still in progress...


On 28th November 2017 Zespół Szkół Elektronicznych i Ogólnokształcących in Przemyśl (ZSEiO) organised a conference which summarised all the European Projects the school is involved in. The topic of the conference was " Apprenticeship abroad as a factor supporting vocational training in ZSEiO". During the conference the school also promoted the Erasmus+ project 'Yestermorrow" presenting the display about the visit in Spain and Romania, where invited guests could talk with the students about the

project and see the photos from Ceuta and Sura Mica. The students who took part in the visits talked about their experiences and what the project t is about.

Conferences for teachers from the Podkarpacie Region

We organized the conference summarizing European Projects that are done in our school. It took place in November 2017. A main topic were the outcomes of our YESTERMORROW-Project.

These pictures were from the second conference in November 2016. Then we talked in details about the problem of trauma, presented the picture books and distributed some of them to the teachers from different schools. We also showed the brochure in English and talked about it.

October 12th 2015 conference for teachers from the Podkarpacie region who wanted to do Erasmus+

projects. It was dissemination on regional and national level. It was just the beginning of our project so we talked about our last Comenius project as well as the topic and plans for YESTERMORROW