Dissemination in England


•Promoting the Lily, Ben and Omid book to some of our youngest students in our school

•Sending copies to our feeder primary schools to help the students moving up to secondary school understand and cope with situations

•We have been able to provide our school counselling team with copies of the book

•The Local Authority for Children Looked After (CLA) have copies.

• Marriotts school continues to provide ‘safe space’ in school including the Sanctuary for vulnerable students, open areas including toilets, universal use of positive language (54321) see brochure

•Promoting the Trauma brochure

•Presenting assemblies on our project

•Using social media in a variety of ways e.g. Whatsapp group Yestermorrow, School website, school facebook page, student links from meetings with social media and Wiki website

Newsletter Beth Honnor, Headteacher, Marriotts School, Summer Term April 2018
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At Marriotts School a whole afternoon was dedicated for teachers, social workers and other specialists to learn more about trauma and its impact on daily school life. After an input, special situations were discussed and there was an exchange of experience. A special focus was set on the drama triangle and on the dynamics which result when people driving us  in the position of a rescuer, a victim or a persecutor. (read more: Stephen Karpman, 2014, a game free life).     

Presentation Marriotts School February 2018
Yestermorrow^J presentation February 201
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School Website with actual information about the project

A Marriotts' film about self-confidence