Report of the 2nd meeting in Ceuta

Delegations from all the partner schools gathered in Ceuta to visit Abylaschool. The teachers presented their work with the topic Safe Place, which is a part of our strategic level Trauma. We have investigated everything that each school provides for making the students, parents and staff to feel safe. We shared our good experiences and discussed what we can learn from each other and try at our own school:


Traditions, celebrations, activities together(Sweden)

A whole school approach, same strategies (England)

Extra activities outside school (Romania)

Trust the students!(Italy)

Integration just in the beginning of the school year, let the students take part( Poland)

Nature, trees, natural islands (Spain)


Our expert Marianne Herzog presented the work in progress with the childrens book about dealing pedagogical with traumatised students. Some of the teachers in the partner schools have been working with the translation during this first year. The German version is already printed and about 1000 ex has been sold. It has had a great receiving in Switzerland and Germany. The Swedish, Romanian and the Arabic versions are translated and will be printed this summer. We decided how many books we like to have in the different translations in each country.


The teacher from the hosting school Abyla has prepared a Pythagorean Theorem Coding Workshop for the students and teachers where we were guided in a coding activity . It was very interesting and time consuming!


The students presented their work with History and Maths during this first year of the project. They showed a variety of work from the Second World War until the 1980s.


The teachers discussed how to proceed with the WiKi platform and decided to:


Start to interact more so as to use the possibilities of WIKI

All materials in English the second year as well as in  native languages  in order to make it possible the interaction among students.

Students start with the work already published in the WiKi and continue from that.

More individual History – create new history from unknown Time Witnesses.

Find a way to open more new topics in Maths

Collaboration within an international virtual classroom.


Both students and teachers have had great opportunities to use and improve their skills in English.


We also visited several cultural sight-seeing targets inside Ceuta and went to Chefchaouen in Marocco one day. We tried tapas – the Spanish dinner speciality – and made some kayaking in the Mediterranean see.


Many thanks to Tomàs and Miguel and Abyla School for a very well planned meeting!


The next Meeting will take place in Przemysl, Poland, . 22 - 26 October 2016.

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