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22. May 2017
Our Colleague Joanna from Przemysl sent us the following explanations: "These are the pictures from near Przemyśl, they renovated the cemetery of Soviet and Italian soldiers. It has recently been renovated. I talked to our history teacher today and he said that finally somebody started taking care of places like this. Before it was a dump where young rebels met to drink beer. The articles Gosia sent you are about this place. One is about mass graves discovered after 70 years, the other is...

26. April 2017
Marzia, the Italian coordinator told us today an incredible but true Story. When her uncle passed away she had to clean up his Apartment. When she was sorting out his belongings some months ago, she found documents on his time as a prisoner in concentration camps. One of those camps was situated in Przemysl, where an other partner of the project comes from. Gosia from Przemysl confirmed the fact that there was a concentration camp after war in her town. What a coincidence!

26. March 2017
24th of March 2017 in Rusciori the speech about "the safe place" took place. Marianne Herzog talked about the pedagogical way how to cope with traumatised students and children under psychogical pressure. She presented the method of the "safe place", an easy but highly efficient method.