The secret of the tin box


The project is called "Yestermorrow", it is a project with the topic how traumatic experiences can affect people's life. An other topic are researches on the personal historic back ground of student's families, called time-witness-project. Accidently Marzia Zabbatino the coordinator from Rome discovered that her uncle was a prisoner of war in 1943 in Przemysl, the town where the Polish partners are from. Marzia always knew about her uncle's tin box which was on a shelf in the living room, but nobody was allowed to touch it. Only after the death of her uncle and her aunt she had a closer look at this tin box and she discovered among engraved names of other concentration camps the name of Przemysl. Empowered by this fact the Polish partners tried to find out more information about this almost forgotten Nazi camp for prisoners of war during World War II. Agnieszka Koterbicka-Pasko one of the Polish teachers made special researches with her students on this camp and the Italian prisoners.

Interview with Marzia Zabbatino (Rome) and Agnieszka Koterbicka – Pasko (Przemysl)

The interview
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