Follow up: An incredible but true story; Marzia's uncle prisoner of war in Przemysl

The Polish Partners investigated on the STALAG, they sent us photos of a mass grave and the Soviet - Italian Cemetery.

Marzia's uncle survived the concentration camp in Przemysl as an Italian prisoner of war. He was arrested by the Germans and taken to different concentration camps (STALAG - Stammlager). Other prisoners didn't survive...

Our Colleague Joanna from Przemysl sent us the following explanations: "These are the pictures from near Przemyśl, they renovated the cemetery of Soviet and Italian soldiers. It has recently been renovated. I talked to our history teacher today and he said that finally somebody started taking care of places like this. Before it was a dump where young rebels met to drink beer.


The articles Gosia sent you are about this place. One is about mass graves discovered after 70 years, the other is about the fact that they are renovating the place. Aga has a friend who is a historian and she wrote her MA thesis about this place. We think we can use some fragments and use them on the website or Wikispaces. Gosia together with other history teacher are planning a bigger project about this place so you'll hear more about it soon."