Referatul despre Trauma

24th of March 2017 in Rusciori the speech about "the safe place" took place. Marianne Herzog talked about the pedagogical way how to cope with traumatised students and children under psychogical  pressure. She presented the method of the "safe place", an easy but highly efficient method.

Video of Presentation "Locul Sigur", Rusciori, 24.3.17


Sura Mica and Rusciori are situated on the countryside but not far from Sibiu, a big and beautiful old town with  museums, shops and Restaurants.


There are 4 Schools under one direction. Elisabeta Raulea as a director leads the Primary School, Children Garden and High School in Sura Mica and Children Garden and Primary School in Rusciori in a new building.


The dedication to the children and their Jobs are obvious among the teachers. They are helped by several specialists to develop the resources of the students at their best.