The Goodies in Cosmin's attic
18. December 2020
This article, written by Patricia Cirtog, compares the life of a young Roma with the life of a girl with a middle class background.

16. December 2018
Our Project was approved and got the excellent result of 80 Points out of 100.

10. May 2018
Plants have feelings, just like people. So, what happens when you feed one plant with compliments and another with negative remarks? Watch how we got students involved in a social experiment to raise awareness on the effects of bullying. #SayNoToBullying

27. April 2018
In the remaining months until the end of the project we are going to share the results, our outputs and the experiences with as many other teachers, students, parents and other people as possible.

25. March 2018
Final count down: we are busy to bring our project after three years time to a good end. Our final meeting will take place mid of April in Leksand. The photos put together by the Spanish partners are a kind of summary of the 6 meetings we finally had.

22. March 2018
Today we discovered on facebook that the topic of our project, trauma and its impact is disseminated without our knowledge. That's great: Our tools, brochures and books find their way to teachers on their own!

19. March 2018
Speech for all teachers from Leksand and from associated schools, Tuesday March, 13th 2018. Here a feed back of the team who organised the meeting: "Lots of teachers came to tell me today what a great lecture it was yesterday. They are all very grateful." - "I just read some feed backs from yesterday. There are many positive responses. One was: 'The best lecture in years!'"

10. March 2018
The article about Marzia and her uncle was published on the 1st of March 2018 in a monthly magazine entitled 'Nasz Przemyśl'. It is a magazine that deals with historical topics so it's perfect for our project.

22. February 2018
In February 2018 a speech about trauma and its impact on daily school life took place at Marriotts School.

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