Follow up: An incredible but true story; Marzia's uncle prisoner of war in Przemysl

The Polish Partners investigated on the STALAG, they sent us photos of a mass grave and the Soviet - Italian Cemetery.

Marzia's uncle survived the concentration camp in Przemysl as an Italian prisoner of war. He was arrested by the Germans and taken to different concentration camps (STALAG - Stammlager). Other prisoners didn't survive...

Our Colleague Joanna from Przemysl sent us the following explanations: "These are the pictures from near Przemyśl, they renovated the cemetery of Soviet and Italian soldiers. It has recently been renovated. I talked to our history teacher today and he said that finally somebody started taking care of places like this. Before it was a dump where young rebels met to drink beer.


The articles Gosia sent you are about this place. One is about mass graves discovered after 70 years, the other is about the fact that they are renovating the place. Aga has a friend who is a historian and she wrote her MA thesis about this place. We think we can use some fragments and use them on the website or Wikispaces. Gosia together with other history teacher are planning a bigger project about this place so you'll hear more about it soon."

Royals talk mental health

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Back to yesterday

In the Astra Museum - an openair Museum with old houses - we learned more about the past. E.g. we visited an old school which looked like the School had to look during the time of comunism. The photos of the head of the comunist party hung on the walls, as well the flags of the pioneers, an institution for children.
There were workshops with the topic 'migration' and Mathematics.

An incredible, but true story

Marzia's uncle

Marzia, the Italian coordinator told us today an incredible but true Story. When her uncle passed away she had to clean up his Apartment. When she was sorting out his belongings some months ago, she found documents on his time as a prisoner in concentration camps. One of those camps was situated in Przemysl, where an other partner of the project comes from.  Gosia from Przemysl confirmed the fact that there was a concentration camp after war in her town. What a coincidence!

Learn more about this amazing Story!

The amazing story of Marzia's uncle surviving concentration camps. One of them was in Przemysl, where our Polish partners come from....
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Meeting in Sura Mica

Visit of the schools

The Erasmus Group was warmly welcomed by a group of students, teachers and the head of the Schools of Sura Mica.

Visit of the churches

Visiting the two churches, the Orthodox church and the Saxon church everybody learned a lot about the difficult history of Romania.

Visit of the rehab centre

Dr. Holger Lux, the  head of the Nazareth Rehab Center lead us through this Institution. Two clients told us about their difficult life as drug addicted and how they are learning to live withot drugs.

Referatul despre Trauma

24th of March 2017 in Rusciori the speech about "the safe place" took place. Marianne Herzog talked about the pedagogical way how to cope with traumatised students and children under psychogical  pressure. She presented the method of the "safe place", an easy but highly efficient method.

Video of Presentation "Locul Sigur", Rusciori, 24.3.17


Sura Mica and Rusciori are situated on the countryside but not far from Sibiu, a big and beautiful old town with  museums, shops and Restaurants.


There are 4 Schools under one direction. Elisabeta Raulea as a director leads the Primary School, Children Garden and High School in Sura Mica and Children Garden and Primary School in Rusciori in a new building.


The dedication to the children and their Jobs are obvious among the teachers. They are helped by several specialists to develop the resources of the students at their best.

Stanford Medicine Center: Traumatic stress changes brains of boys, girls differently

How to pronounce...

Esta aplicación te ayuda a saber cómo se pronuncia una palabra o frase en Alemán, Español, Francés, Inglés o Italiano, escuchando su pronunciación correcta.

This application made by our Spanish Partner Miguel Senor Alonso,  helps to know how to pronounce sentences in German, Spanish, French, English or Italian. Application


Launch of "Lily, Ben och Omid"

In the evening of February 2nd there was the official launch of the Swedish edition of "Lily, Ben and Omid" in the public library of Leksand.